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Welcome to our information page on the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course for motorcycles in the UK. This course is essential for individuals looking to ride motorcycles on public roads and is designed to ensure safety and competence. Here are some vital details about the course:

All elements of the CBT course and the standards are established by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). This means that the curriculum, training procedures, and assessment criteria are in line with the DSA guidelines to provide a standardised and comprehensive training experience. We take pride in being an authorised DSA training center, which underscores our commitment to meeting the DSA’s strict requirements as a reputable provider.

While it is not possible to fail the CBT, meeting the required standard is essential for successful completion. In some cases, if a participant has not reached the necessary level of proficiency, additional training days may be necessary, incurring additional costs. Ultimately, it is the DSA’s decision to determine whether a student has met the required standard, as they have the responsibility of assessing the individual’s skills and abilities.

Ensuring the safety of our students takes precedence. If during the CBT, it becomes evident that a student’s attitude towards learning or their ability to continue safely is inadequate, or their actions may pose a risk to their own safety or that of others, it may be necessary to conclude their CBT early. Although this can be disappointing, our priority is to maintain a safe learning environment and promote responsible riding practices.

We understand that completing the CBT within a single day is the preferred outcome. However, the safety and competence of our students always guide our decisions, which may lead to necessary extensions or early conclusions to ensure responsible riding. Our aim is to provide every participant with the necessary skills and knowledge, prioritizing a safe and comprehensive training experience.

We kindly request that you refrain from leaving poor feedback or discrediting our training school based on these circumstances. Our focus is on delivering high-quality training, and our decisions align with safety regulations and the DSA’s guidelines. As a DSA training center, it is crucial for us to prioritise the safety of our students, as failure to do so could jeopardise our accreditation.

To enhance the training and monitoring process, our instructors utilize personal video recording equipment. This technology allows us to provide effective feedback, identify areas for improvement, and ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Please be assured that these video recordings are solely used for training and monitoring purposes, maintaining strict confidentiality and privacy.

Thank you for considering our training school. We are dedicated to offering a comprehensive and professional CBT course. Your safety and development as a motorcycle rider are our utmost priorities. If the operational procedures or the potential of completing the course over multiple days does not meet your requirements, we kindly request that you refrain from booking with us.

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